Advanced Particle Technology Laboratory – APTLab

The laboratory activity is focused on several aspects of Particle Technology. We investigate the fundamental relationships between microscopic and macroscopic properties of particulate solids to solve handling and processing problems in the following areas:

  • mechanics of granular solids (in hoppers and silos)
  • powder flowability charactherization
  • pharmaceutical and food powders processing
  • mixing of solids and segregation phenomena
  • size enlargement by wet agglomeration
  • characterization of particulate solids (physical properties)
  • multiphase phenomena (gas-solid flows, wet granular materials)
  • wetting and re-dispersion of dehydrated food powders

Our approach is experimental and numerical (Finite Element Method, FEM, and Distinct Element Method, DEM simulations of particulate materials). The laboratory works with state-of-the-art facilities and shares expertise and facilities with other academic groups in order to tackle complex problems in particle technology.


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The research laboratory belongs to the Department of Industrial Engineering (DII) at the University of Padova.


Recent papers


D. Bertuola, S. Volpato, P. Canu, A.C. Santomaso

Prediction of segregation in funnel and mass flow discharge (2016) Chemical Engineering Science, 150, 16-25.




S. Nalesso , C. Codemo, E. Franceschinis, N. Realdon, R. Artoni, A.C. Santomaso

Texture analysis as a tool to study the kinetics of wet agglomeration processes (2015) International Journal of Pharmaceutics, 485, 61-69.



Franceschinis E. , Santomaso A.C., Benda L., Perissutti B., Voinovich D. , Realdon N.

Influence of process variables on the properties of simvastatin self-emulsifying granules obtained through high shear wet granulation  (2015) Powder Technology, 274, 173-179.