Advanced Particle Technology Laboratory – APTLab

The laboratory activities focus on several aspects of Particle Technology and aim at solving handling and processing problems. Since bulk properties are affected by single particle properties, we investigate the links between microscopic and macroscopic properties of the particulate solids.  As a result we mainly work in the following areas:

Our approach to Particle Technology is both experimental (see Facilities >>>) and numerical (mainly Finite Element Method, FEM, and Distinct Element Method, DEM simulations of particulate materials).

The laboratory works with state-of-the-art facilities. In addition it shares expertise (Network >>>) and additional facilities with other academic groups in order to tackle the often complex problems of Particle Technology.

The research laboratory belongs to the Department of Industrial Engineering (DII) at the University of Padova (Italy).


Keep the pot boiling… our recent papers

tumbler mixers S. Volpato, L. Scanferla, A.C. Santomaso

Experimental and computational investigation of segregation during tumblers unloading (2018) Powder Technology, 338, 538-547.


A.C. Santomaso, S. Volpato, F. Gabrieli

Collapse and runout of granular columns in pendular state (2018) Physics of Fluids, 30, 063301.