Welcome Tappy!!!

APTLab has a new device for tap density measurements (Bexco). Powder samples are loaded into two the graduated cylinders (50 ml volume each) and tapped for a predetermined time at the desired velocity (max 30 taps/min). (23.09.2019)

ICheaP 14

Monica presented at the 14th International Conference on Chemical and Process Engineering 26-29 May, 2019 – Bologna, Italy a work on the dynamic ball indentation method: “Characterising powder flowability at high shear rates by the ball indentation method”

Frontiers in Particle Technology (at Università della Calabria)

Andrea attended to the one-day workshop on ‘Frontiers in Particle Technology‘ held at Università della Calabria on 09.05.2019. Great experience!!!!

PARTEC (9-11 April 2019) in Nuremberg

Silvia and Andrea attended to PARTEC 2019 in Nuremberg (Germany) with two works . One on the modeling of segregation by proposing a new predictive model for percolation of fines in bulk solids under shear. model and experiments are compared. The second work instead is on the reconstitution of vegetable granulated soups. The possibility of using an emulsion as binder during granulation has been explored emphasizing the advantages on the subsequent rehydration of the dry granules.

Welcome Permy 1.0!!!

APTLab has a new device for permeability measurements. A sample of powder is loaded into the test chamber (150cc volume) while an air stream from below crosses the chamber; Pressure drop are measured for different flow rates and permeability estimated through Darcy or Carman-Kozeny laws. Operational ranges: Air flow: 0-10 l/min; Pressure drop: 0-30 mmH2O. (17.03.2019)

 Welcome Tex’An Drive!!!

The texture analyser Tex’An Drive has joined our lab! It can operate in compression and traction and  perform consistency, elasticity and adhesivity measurements. In addition can perform customized test on powders; Sensor: 20 N (2 kg), Resolution 0.008 N (0.8 g); Temperature: The Tex’An Drive has a Pt100 sensor to measure your sample’s temperature from -20 to 120 °C.  (13.05.2018)

Powder Flow 2015

Date: 14 April 2015 Location: Leeds (UK); Description: this one day meeting will reveal the latest science underpinning powder flow and handling. It will look at progress in theoretical fundaments and state-of-the-art measurements in the context of practical applications and case studies; Venue: University of Leeds (UK)
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Venetonight: la notte europea dei ricercatori (european researchers’ night)

Date: 26 September 2014
Location: Padova, Italy
Description: Discover what researchers really do and why it matters for your daily life
Venue: University of Padova, IT

Powder Segregation: Measurements, Mechanisms and Processes

Date: 02 April 2014
Location: United Kingdom
Description: Leading researchers and industrial R&D experts will outline the challenges and current understanding and capability in addressing this complex phenomenon in particulate systems.
Venue: University of Leeds, UK

Welcome EL1!!!

The new high shear mixer
Eirich EL1 has joined our lab!

EL1 Characteristics:

  • Star-type rotor or pin-type rotor
  • Infinitely variable tool speeds  from 2 up to 30 m/s
  • Mixing pan: low weight, easy changing / cleaning, for small test samples, low material costs
  •  2 directions of rotation
  •  Adjustable inclination 0°- 30°
  • Possibility of monitoring impeller torque and bulk material temperature during experiments

With this new device several mixing and wet graulation experiments are possible.


APTLab joined the European Researchers’ Night in Padova!!!

Mini-lab on mixing and de-mixing of powders



  • Powder segregation at Venetonight !
  • Experiments and simulations on powder segregation.
  • Simple experiments on a drum mixer and a double cone mixer.

mono_animated bidispersed mixture