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A growing academic and industrial network fostering knowledge and dissemination

Particle Technology is an ubiquitous discipline.

  • Powders and grains are present in our everyday life as well in most of the industrial applications. We can find them in the food, pharmaceutical, chemical and metallurgical industry to make some examples.
  • Also geophysical, geotechnical and environmental fields are strongly related to particulate materials.

Even if the ‘granular problems’ have often a common base, huge differences exist between these different fields and a multidisciplinary approach can make the difference in solving ‘granular’ issues.

GrG’s mission

The skills to face up with most of these ‘granular’ problems exists at the University of Padova and the Granular Research Group aims at:

  • highlighting such competencies
  • strengthening links between the different academic fields (Chemical Engineering, Pharmaceutical Science, Civil and Environmental Engineering) at the University of Padova
  • promoting a substantial “cross-fertilization” in terms of modeling and analytical abilities
  • increasing the critical mass of the collaborating academic groups in order to promote their visibility on the territory
  • sharing facilities and know-how

Presently 4 research groups & their laboratories (belonging to the Univ. of Padova) jointly collaborate to the GrG:

  • PharmaTeG (Dept. Pharmaceutical Science)                           More >>>                pharmateg-logo

  • GeoTechLab (Dept. Civil and Environmental Engineering)           More >>>         geotechlab-logo

  • K-inntech (Dept. Industrial Engineering)           More >>>    

  • APTLab (Dept. Industrial Engineering)          More >>>            logoAPTLab_bordo_alpha

Other APTLab academic collaborations

IFSSTAR (France), University of Leeds (UK),  Universtity of Surrey (UK)

APTLab industrial collaborations

Agrex (Italy), WAM (Italy), UniSmart (Italy), Danieli (Italy), Fassa Bortolo (Italy),

GlaxoSmithKline (Italy), Garbo (Italy), Dompè (Italy), LaSoleEst (Italy), Moretto (Italy),

Ceado (Italy), Fileur (Italy), Scam (Italy), AirLiquid Welding (Italy),

Nestlè SA (Switzerland), Zaitex (Italy), Simem (Italy),

More S.r.l. (Italy)