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Applied & fundamental research on Particle Technology

Research at APTLab spans over several topics:

  •  physics and mechanics of granular flows, with a particular focus on dense flow regime
pellets packing
packing of cylindrical pellets
  • mixing process
    • mixer scale-up
    • powder sampling
    • mixture quality evaluation
  • segregation phenomena
  • wet granulation
  • multiphase flows (gas-solid flows; wet granular materials)
  • image and texture analysis
    • for mixture quality assessment
    • for particle size analysis

This topics are explored by integrating, whenever possible, different approaches (experimental, theoretical and numerical).

mass flow silo
mass flow silo discharge regime

Ongoing projects

  • Modeling of powder segregation through a multiscale continumm approach (self-funded project)
  • Mixing kinetics and segregation in double cone mixers (self-funded project)
  • A multiscale approach to wall friction (self-funded project in collaboration with R. Artoni, IFSSTAR (France) and J. Smid National Central University, Department of Mechanical Engineering (Taiwan)
  • Improved rehydration of dry vegetable soups (academic funding)
  • Scale-up of horizontal shaft mixers (industrial funding)
  • Drying of soya beans (industrial funding)

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