Persons currently in APTLab

Andrea Santomaso  Principal investigator

  Andrea C. Santomaso


silvia_volpato  PhD student

  Silvia Volpato

Project title: Segregation modeling of dense granular flows in multistep full-scale industrial processes.

Master Thesis Students

  Pietro Rando

Project title: Experimental study on the percolation mechanism in sheared granular beds. Undergraduate student

  Mattia Caccaro

Project title: The role of shear rate on the scaling of high shear wet processes. Undergraduate student

  Andrea Forzan

Project title: Scale-up rules for industrial agitated mixers. Undergraduate student (Master thesis)

Just Graduated Students !!!

Francesco Fazio

Project title: Rheological characterization of granular flows at a wall. Stress and velocity field measurement. (Master thesis)

 Davide Bertuola

Project title: Numerical simulations of segregation during the discharge of funnel an mass flow silos. (Master thesis)

  Luca Scanferla

Project title: Experimental study on the mixing of free-flowing materials in double cone mixers.  (Master thesis)